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Weaving her gifts together Maria creates beautiful orchestrations of sound frequency, cosmic energy and ancient ritual. 


Each composition is meticulously designed to unlocking hidden realms of consciousness and serenity within your inner cosmos.

Maria's work is more then beautiful music; it's a voyage through a transformative soundscape, immersing you in shamanic influences, soothing alchemy frequency and harmonising gong. Her soundscapes are infused with segments of mesmerizing acoustic artistry, showcasing her unique ability to channel healing Light Language.

The artistry in Maria's soundscapes lays in its meticulous design. Each composition is an immersive experience, woven with layers of intention and healing.

Maria welcome enquiries for private and corporate sound ceremonies. 


Thank you!

signature ceremonies

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Immersive Gong Bath  (60 min)

An elevating journey that immerses you in galactic vibrations, promoting relaxation, and transformation. Let the soothing ripples of the gong release energetic stagnation and awaken dormant energies. A perfect re-set for mind and body. 

One-to-one (includes reiki healing) £150

Collective session with multiple gongs £400

Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls (60 min)

A beautiful sonic journey, enveloping you in resonant soothing vibrations that foster deep relaxation and inner harmony. Experience the transformative power of crystal alchemy tones as they balance the emotions and restores inner peace.

one-to-one £150 (includes reiki healing)

Collective session with acoustic healing  £300

Shamanic Sound Healing (60 min)

Embark on a deeply transformative sound journey that weaves ancient rhythms with the power of spiritual healing. Explore the depths of your inner world through this mystical healing modality, awakening the spirit and nurturing the soul. 

one-to-one £150

Collective session £200




Maria welcomes enquiries for longer ceremonies and bespoke events. Please get in touch. 



Schedule a complimentary energy call.
A dedicated time for you to ask any questions you might have about the sound ceremonies. For aligned guidance Maria will also read one oracle card for you.

Let's talk! 

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"We hired Maria for a private event in London. Maria’s sound healing ceremony’s are beautiful and grounding. Would definitely recommend to add a special touch to corporate events."

Talya Boswell, Marketing Manager, Wholy Me

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"Maria preformed a beautiful Alchemy Sound Bath with her magical bowls and voice at our PR event for our new perfume range. She included a mediation guided by the scent and it was just perfect. She really delivered to the brief and the whole event was a big success."

Hanna Marshall, Event Executive, Bentley 

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