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Maria is a certified sound healer and reiki master, known for her natural affinity to galactic energy. She offers one-to-one and group experiences of sound healing and energy transmissions. Maria hosts sound healing retreats with transformative themes, and runs London leading, CMA accredited sound healer training. 

Weaving her gifts together, Maria creates a beautiful orchestration of sound frequency, cosmic energy, and ancient ritual. Her soundscapes are infused with segments of mesmerizing acoustic artistry, showcasing her unique ability to channel Light Language.

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    ABOUT ME  

My journey with sound has evolved over time, progressing from singing to DJing electronic music and, most recently, mastering sound frequency as a healing modality.

I began by incorporating crystal singing bowls into my yoga classes, and my passion for sound healing grew from there. Today, I primarily work with alchemy bowls, shamanic instruments, and gong.

I have been instructing students in the practice of sound healing since 2021 while furthering my own education through master courses in Gong and Reiki.

With all my light, 

Maria  Lodetoft

Best Reiki Healer
Best Sound Bath in London
Maria Lodetoft
Best Sound Bath in London
Maria Lodetoft Healer

Schedule a complimentary 20 minutes energy call,  where you can ask any questions you might have about a sound healing session, the facilitator course or the retreats.

For aligned guidance Maria will also read one oracle card for you.



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Sound healing is the art of using harmonious vibrations to foster inner peace, reduce stress, and enhance well-being. Through gentle resonance of vocal alchemy, singing bowls, and gongs, Marias healing compositions release tension, restores balance, and promote holistic healing.

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Maria is a fantastic teacher . The whole course was a magical journey and I learned SO much, more then I ever could've
have imagined.


"Spiritual and intuitive healer and yoga teacher, Maria Lodetoft, has been working with women and men for years helping them to heal their relationship with money and giving them important life hacks on how to attract more of it."

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"Using her crystal alchemy bowls, Lodetoft was able to help me slip in to a deep meditation in a remarkably short amount of time - something that sound baths are highly regarded for. For a neurodiverse individual like myself, who experiences many of the symptoms of ADHD in women, getting in to a meditative state can be a challenge and these healing frequencies really speed things up."


"We hired Maria for a private event in London. Maria’s sound healing ceremony’s are beautiful and grounding. Would definitely recommend to add a special touch to corporate events."

Talya Boswell, Marketing Manager, Wholy Me

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"Maria preformed a beautiful Alchemy Sound Bath with her magical bowls and voice at our PR event for our new perfume range. She included a mediation guided by the scent and it was just perfect. She really delivered to the brief and the whole event was a big success."

Hanna Marshall, Event Executive, Bentley 

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